Author Guidelines

File must be in pdf format
Link to submit: with the file name: paper title_author(s)_IFA2023

For correspondence, all authors’ personal contacts are required. Please provide an e-mail address for the corresponding author and affiliation just below the title of the article.

Margins (left, right, top and bottom) should be at least 2.54 cm (normal margin). Should be typed with 12 points Times New Romans 1.5-spaced. To assure a blind review, authors should not identify themselves directly or indirectly in their papers; only the information below the title allowed. All pages, including tables, appendices and references, should be serially numbered. Keywords, keywords must be provided at the end of the abstract such that they would be easier to locate in the index.

Author(s) should pay attention to the following format and style:
1. References for each graph should be mentioned in manuscript without any exception.
2. Graphs should be easily interpreted without referring to the text.
3. Lines that refer to sources and notes should be included in the text.

(1) notes and bibliography and (2) author-date, author(s) must follow the Chicago 16th style. For the detail about the style, please refer to:


At least your article has the following sections:

1. Abstract (state the research purpose(s), finding(s), and contribution(s) only, 100-150 words)

2. Introduction (research motivation and purposes)

3. Literature review and hypotheses development

4. Data and sample

5. Results (and discussion)

6. Conclusion

7. Reference (use Chicago 16th Style; we strongly suggest you use reference manager software)

Please kindly refer to the template/example below.