Proceeding 2022

We are very grateful to God Almighty for his grace that the 8th Indonesian Finance Association (IFA) International Conference was held successfully on October 12-13, 2022. The 8th IFA International Conference was held virtually, supported by our generous host, the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX).


The theme of this conference is “Capital Market and Securities Digital Transformation: the Future and Challenges of Digital Assets”. In today’s ever-evolving financial landscape, the integration of digital technologies is reshaping the very essence of how we conceive,
trade, and invest in financial assets. The rise of cryptocurrencies, tokenization of assets, decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, and blockchain technology have ushered in a new era of innovation, creating opportunities and challenges that are redefining the rules of the game in the financial sector. We hope our conference can uncover some of the digital effects and challenges in the finance field. Nevertheless, most importantly, we will also foresee the future for financial markets.


This event will not be a success without the close collaboration between the Indonesian Finance Association and the Self-Regulatory Organization of Indonesia’s Capital Market as the main sponsor.


Finally, we would like to thank all participants and presenters who have been supporting the Indonesian Finance Association conference. We have a total of 40 submitted papers from 6 countries, Bangladesh, Greece, Indonesia, Macao, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. After a process of double-blind review, we hand-picked 39 high-quality articles to be presented at the conference. From these 36 articles, there were 14, from four countries, have agreed to include their full paper in the proceedings.



We sincerely hope that these proceedings will benefit all the participants and readers. We welcome any suggestions and constructive feedback to improve the next IFA conference and proceedings, and we look forward to seeing you again.


IFA 2022